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WholeHealth Personal Coaching, Consulting,

and international Equine-assisted Wellness Retreats


As a licensed health care professional and a cancer survivor herself, Sabrina Schell (founder of Southwind Wellness Consulting) understands the importance of a holistic approach to health. With over a decade of coaching experience, her passion is to educate and support clients on their journey towards optimal wellness.

Individual Health Consultation

A truly holistic approach to wellbeing

Adults who suffer from chronic illness or stress may benefit from my holistic and strength-based approach. I consider it most important to offer you opportunities to heal and thrive, so you can achieve your goals, develop stress management skills, increase your resilience, and resolve depression and anxiety.

Learn how to...

...identify the best integrative health habits

...increase your resilience

...go from surviving to thriving

You will learn to identify areas of your life that need attention and create an effective plan for change. I will work with on that action plan tailored specifically to your needs, lifestyle, goals, and schedule.

WOW - Wellness Optimization for Women

A transformational 10-week program for women!

Learn how to...

...identify the best integrative health habits

...implement positive body-mind leadership a whole new empowered you

Are you struggling with a compromised immune system, the fear of a cancer recurrence, brain fog, and a whole new body and identity to get used to? As a cancer survivor, so many aspects of your life have to be recalibrated to experience wholeness again. Using the WholeHealth Alphabet, all the different areas of mind-body wellness don’t have to feel disjointed. They all influence one another and we can integrate them with some simple basic concepts grounded in science.

Health Coaching

for Cancer Survivors

Retreats will fully immerse you in an environment designed for healing and growth. Each retreat week is set in a beautiful exotic location and features daily dynamic meditations, skills and support groups, and equine-assisted personal development. Enjoy clean meals, time in nature, and inspiring connections.

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WholeHealth Immersion...

Adding HorsePower

Within the framework of the WholeHealth Alphabet, Equine-Assisted Personal Development is a "double-dipping" activity: Horses provide natural opportunities for connection, mindfulness, and movement. Through their instincts as prey and herd animals, we can gain a new sense of calmness and empowerment.

Are Wellness Retreats for You?

Are you a female cancer survivor ready to unplug, gain new strength and perspectives, connect with other survivors, and leave your worries behind for a week of renewed clarity? Then you'll fit right in!

Come join us in Ecuador!

Cancer Survivor Retreat in May 2023

Experience this unique opportunity to connect with a small group of other female cancer survivors in a beautiful environment. This retreat features daily meditation, health coaching, and transformational experiences in nature. We will rediscover ourselves in equine-assisted personal development (no riding, no horse experience needed), recharge with a vegan cooking class and medicinal herb cleansing, and relax in natural hot springs.

Plane Travel Route

This is an all-inclusive trip with 6 nights of hotel accommodation in a shared double or private single room and three meals a day. In addition to Sabrina, a local English speaking tour guide and other collaborators will be available at all times to ensure a safe, comfortable, fun, and engaging environment.

About Sabrina

Sabrina Schell, founder and supervising coach at Southwind Wellness Consulting, is a licensed and experienced psychotherapist. She holds degrees in Medical Laboratory Science, Health Management, and Mental Health Counseling as well as certifications in Integrative Wellness Coaching, Equine-Assisted Therapy, and Brain Health Coaching. As a cancer survivor, Sabrina devoted her professional life to the science of integrative health and resilience. She decided to switch from counseling to coaching to better serve clients who benefit from an integration of clinical skills and holistic wisdom.

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"Hello and a heartfelt welcome to Southwind Wellness Consulting and to the revolution of integrative health!

I have worked with many clients over the years and truly enjoy supporting them in gaining more health, resilience, success, and happiness. Searching for a way to help more people increase their potential for healing, I started teaching the WholeHealth Alphabet, a 4-step guide to integrative health in a unique transformational coaching program."

- Sabrina Schell, Founder at Southwind Wellness Consulting


What is the Difference between Therapy and Coaching?

Psychotherapy is a mental health treatment with a qualified licensed professional that focuses on improving symptoms. In contrast, coaching is an interactive process between coach and client that focuses on achieving individual goals by building skills and providing guidance.

As a therapist in a coaching role, Sabrina aims to give her clients the best of both worlds: The knowledge, ethics, and qualifications of a mental health professional combined with the ability to include actionable advice and a truly integrative approach.

What is the WholeHealth Alphabet?

If you want to gain a foundational and transformational understanding of integrative health, this approach is for you.

Sabrina uses the WholeHealth Alphabet as a framework in coaching to help her clients gain more energy, resilience, physical fitness, and mental well-being following their cancer treatment.

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The model is a synthesis of knowledge based on overall trends and findings from the fields of integrative neuroscience, evolutionary biology, functional medicine, and positive psychology. The framework is designed to focus on these fields' commonalities and simplify guidelines for healthy living, thereby making them more accessible to everyone. The WholeHealth Alphabet represents a baseline to achieve integrative health. This approach is simple enough to remember and implement in your life, while also being comprehensive and accurate to make a powerful impact on your overall health.

How does the WholeHealth Alphabet apply to Cancer Survivors?

Many health issues are interconnected and we often don't account for the role our lifestyle and mindset play in the increase and decrease of symptoms. The WholeHealth Alphabet provides a succinct guide to incorporating all areas of life into a holistic health framework, leading to a comprehensive approach to wellness. This paradigm is, therefore, a useful tool for systemic disorders such as anxiety/depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

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